I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly

You gotta know that you tear me up
When you say you wanna take it all away
You were the one, and it was enough
To be the one you were dreaming of!
You were the one and we called it love
And now you take it away, take away!

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No fair! Coach me, too!

What a pain.


First trailer for the “A Choice with no Regrets” OVA, to be bundled in two parts (DVD format) and released with SnK manga volumes 15 + 16 (December 2014/March 2015)!


Keep pushing forward!

yuikkos asked: Kaneki Ken or Nezumi

Who ever lives wins. Don’t feel guilty about having survived. If you have time to be feeling guilty,work on living a day longer, a minute longer. And once and a while, remember the ones that died before you. That’s good enough.

Make Me Choose ::  Midorima Shintaro or Murasakibara Atsushi seiz0n

Make Me Choose ::  Midorima Shintaro or Murasakibara Atsushi seiz0n



Prince of Tennis ep. 27  "Karupin’s adventure"

Tezuka correcting his teacher…


Love Stage Episode 10: Happy Ending
When I awoke the next morning, Nezumi was gone. The plaid shirt, towel, and emergency kit were gone with him.

Makoto Tachibana - Free! Eternal Summer (。♥‿♥。)