I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly

make me choose: anonymous asked me drarry or snarry

the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out. you left me in the dark.

We’re not so different, you and I.


Scared, Potter?

You wish.

Wands at the ready.






he is so smart

wonderful Potter

with his scar

and his broomstick

- actual canon line by Draco Malfoy

#’you have told me this at least a dozen times already’ - actual canon reply by lucius

Is there a link to proof…

(it’s not actually canon)

xcuse you

are you calling me a liar

you are the mess of me


my favorite thing i’ve ever realized about harry potter is that the gryffindor and slytherin tables are supposed to be on opposite ends of the great hall???

and therefore every time draco is making a scene at a meal (HEY POTTER HAVE YOU SEEN THE DAILY PROPHET??? HEY…



snorting through my sobs

potter, please.

you’re twelve. no one cares about a twelve-year-old enough to be archenemies with them except maybe voldemort but then again he’s also the man who agreed to live on the back of other man’s head.

weird notion of “most powerful wizardry”, if you ask me.

and really, potter, are you actually that dense

can’t you see it written all across malfoy’s unhumanly large forehead that he just wants to be bffs with you

are you sure you’ve never banged your head on the ceiling of that stupid cupboard because i’m thinking brain damage here, sir

#omg i love that the over-inflated self importance applies to both of them like draco would TOTALLY consider himself potter’s archnemesis because it’s better than being his nobody meanwhile tom riddle is crying his deformed spirit baby self to sleep at night and anytime in between because what is he chopped liver? so sad how this changes after GOF like as soon as old voldermortz has a body again harry’s like SORRY MALFOY BIGGER PROBLEMS YOU UNDERSTAND and draco is like I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ugh the worst kind of transgression I THOUGHT THIS ARCHRIVALRY MEANT SOMETHING TO YOU POTTER and sirius dies and voldy truly becomes the sole recipient of harry’s rage I SAID I WAS BUSY MALFOY!!!!!! but malfoy’s dedicated antagonism is still this lovely comforting white noise throughout it all until it ISN’T and despite everything else he has to worry about harry’s like YOU GUYS I THINK MALFOY IS UP TO SOMETHING…. SOMETHING EVIL because obviously anything that distracts draco from their archrivalry is evil (see: voldemort in harry’s case) except draco doesn’t have time for HIM anymore and oh ho ho the tables turn and harry stays up late watching draco on the marauder’s map and thinking about his hair and basically voldemort is just the worst kind of cockblock

Fic: Veneer

Title: Veneer
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 594
Warnings: Implied sex
Summary: Harry was aware that it was a gift.
Author’s Notes: This was written for my 30_Prompts Challenge. It’s a bit short, but I am trying to ease my way back into writing more now that the semester is over. Enjoy!

Read It Here: FF.Net / Livejournal / AO3

Why didn’t you tell her?